The Use of Guggul for Acne

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Lots of acne medications are obtainable, involving topical solutions and oral medicines. Topical treatment is not commonly adequate for serious types of acne. Several individuals have a preference to stay away from drug treatment if possible and search for a more natural answer. If you are fascinated to use an herbal treatment for acne, guggul is may be an option. Seek the advice of a certified health care provider prior to starting any herbal treatment like guggul.

Description of Acne

Acne is an inflammatory skin complaint connected to excessive construction of skin oil, obstructed pores and a kind of bacteria described as P.acnes. Extra oil and dead skin cells can obstruct pores, making inflammation and a setting where P.acnes can flourish. Nodulocystic acne is a serious type, with inflamed and excruciating nodules and cysts forming underneath the skin. Physicians normally cure this kind of acne with forceful course of therapy involving antibiotics or isotretinoin, and at times corticosteroid injections, clarifies the American Academy of Dermatology.

Description of GuggulGuggul for Acne

Guggul is obtained from the resin of the plant commiphora mukul, also described as commiphora wightii and the mukul myrrh tree. This plant has been utilized thousands of years already in Ayurveda, the conventional medicinal scheme of India, as stated by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Extracts of this plant alone and together with further botanical elements are utilized to remedy different health problems involving arthritis, urinary disorders and skin ailments.

Efficacy of Guggul for Acne

An oral or taken by mouth guggul extract had the same results in remedying nodulocystic acne like the antibiotic tetracycline throughout a research issued out in the October 1994 copy of the Journal of Dermatology. Tetracycline is a typical medication for reasonable to serious acne. The partakers obtained gugulipid tablets standardized for the active ingredient guggulsterone, or 500 mg of tetracycline, two times every day for three months. Both stuffs created increasing development in majority of the individuals, with a cutback in inflammatory lacerations amid 65 to 68% for both clusters.


A small number of slight side effects are related with guggul, as noticed by the MSKCC, or Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Several individuals encounter slight unsettled stomach, loose stools, hiccups, belching and headaches. Hypersensitivity to guggul can trigger a skin complaint.


Since guggul might have estrogen-like outcomes, individual with an account of hormone-related cancers or an intensified danger for these illnesses must not obtain this herb, recommends The University of Maryland Medical Center. In addition, guggul can intermingle with oral contraceptives that contain estrogen, and with other plants that possess estrogen-like results, like soy and black cohosh. Guggul might also have thyoid-stimulating assets, thus it may possibly not be suitable for people ingesting thyroid supplements.

Medical Purpose of Guggul

As soon as taken out from the tree, guggul includes resins, gums and dangerous oils. From these stuffs, a ketonic steroid element described as guggulsterone is taken out. Guggulsterones are accountable for guggul’s possible lipid-reducing outcomes. In India, guggul is extensively utilized in conventional Ayurvedic medicine, but The University of Maryland Medical Center warns that those who consume Western-style, high-fat diets do not gain form guggul compared to Indian inhabitants. Lots of guggul researches are founded in India. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center concurs that study on guggul has revealed diverse outcomes but, on the whole, feels that sufficient proof exists to suggest it as efficient against high cholesterol. Additionally, the MSKCC quotes accounts from the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute that insinuate guggul might have a responsibility on cancer treatment, demonstrating a capability to seize cell reproduction. This anti-tumor action was noticed in an assortment of chemotherapy-resistant tumor cells.

The use of guggul for acne still needs a lot of scientific support. For the meantime, you may opt to use guggul but it is recommended that you consult an expert first.

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